Adorable Grandmother Took Notes During 30 Marvel Superhero Films so She Can Relate to her Grandkids

Adorable Grandmother Took Notes During 30 Marvel Superhero Films so She Can Relate to her Grandkids

A grandmother was filmed taking notes during a Marvel superhero movie marathon, which at this point includes 30 films, all so she can be closer to her grandkids and talk to them about their interests.

Cheryl Skiados, who is in her 70s, was filmed by her grandson Jackson King, partway through her Marvel movie-fest.

Whether you live in Kuala Lumpur, Kingston, or Vancouver, grandparents can probably all relate over “the kids today.”

Skiados has 13 grandkids in total, from age 6 to 22, and they’re all big Marvel fans. Rather than writing off their interests as frivolous, as grandparents are wont to do, she decided to try to get on the same level as the whippersnappers.

“I just moved in with my grandparents, and my grandma is making her way through all the Marvel movies,” said 18-year-old Jackson. “She is watching them in the order they came out and she asked if I wanted to watch one with her, so of course, I said ‘yes’.

“I think it really shows how much she cares about her grandchildren, because she is willing to sit there for hours on end and watch superhero movies, and take notes on them, just so she can have something extra to talk to her grandkids about.”

The watchlist, which starts with 2008’s Iron Man, has 30 films on it, including the latest ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, with even more films lined up for 2023 and beyond.

The video has touched the hearts of many online and racked up nearly seven million views on one video, and hundreds of thousands of likes, along with it.

“It went viral really quickly. It hit one million views within the day I posted it,” said Jackson. “I remember I posted the video on TikTok. Then I set my phone down and watched an episode of a tv show, and then when I picked up my phone I had 3,000+ notifications.”

In one clip Skiados has just finished Spiderman: Homecoming from 2017, and has around 14 films left to watch.

According to Jackson, her favorite film so far is Thor—’because the actor is hot.’

“The family loves it. We all think gran is getting the recognition she deserves for being an amazing grandmother.”

Skiados, in response to the attention, says she “thinks it’s funny,” and “her heart was warmed, and she felt touched by all the comments.”